I heard an interview on BBC’s Outlook with Ines Wurth, a Croatian now living in Los Angeles, and performing her one woman show “I Miss Communism” in London. Wurth reflects on her childhood and satirizes the social system in which she and her family was raised. Despite the provocative title Wurth loves her life in Los Angeles as an American citizen since 2002, but the opportunity to hear the juxtapositions of these two lives would be well worth seeing firsthand.

More about Ines Wurth from I Miss Communism.com

Ines Wurth, a Croatian actress and writer, lives and works in Los Angeles. She started her acting career in London when she left Croatia as a teenager. As a member of Compass Theater in London, she performed numerous roles including Nora from A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen and Varya from The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov. Wurth received her BFA from UCLA, School of Theatre, Film & Television and is a company member of the award-winning Zoo District (theater company), www.zoodistrict.org

In her One Woman Show, “I Miss Communism”. She transforms herself into 15 characters and introduces her life of growing up under the communist regime; the life full of opposites: war and peace, love and hate, innocence and violence. Bringing this show to the stage is very important to her in today’s times of the shortage of awareness, consciousness and tense humanity dynamic around the world.

“I Miss Communism” is a touching, personal story based on her life. The show is about freedom; political, psychological, spiritual, personal. It’s about a young woman coming of age, it’s about war, it’s about Oliver Twist.

“I Miss Communism” is playing in London at the Hackney Empire studio until September 23rd.

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