The “Twist Freedom” DX was lucky enough to find itself as the Forbes Blog “Find of the Day.”

Unlike some other power assisted bikes and small mopeds the Twist Freedom uses a quiet electric motor providing a less strenuous ride and the ability to maintain constant speeds.

These are becoming more and more popular for those wanting to commute by bike, but have long distances or steep hills to conquer along the way.

At $2,250 you’ll need a very good lock.  Most bike commuting experts recommend “investing” in a cheap beater bike for trips for bad weather, or when you need to park your bike in a no-so-friendly area for a long period of time.

Thanks Forbes for recognizing bike commuting as a viable transportation method!  Or maybe its because Forbe’s readers need options after finding their second and third cars repossessed.

Check out those sleek fenders and panniers!  More info at (and photo from)

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