*Update:  I started taking photos of the various stations under construction last summer.  The southeast light rail trains are now open and running smooth.   Since I work in the tech center and live near downtown I’ll utilize them frequently, and being a fan of rail and transit adds to the enjoyment of an otherwise normal workday.




*December 2006  – Snowstorm Photos


Here are more photos and my blog entry from the first weekday commute.

System Map

Photos of all stations from since summer 2006 and ongoing:

Englewood Station

Union Station – 11.06

Lincoln Station – visited 11.06

University Station . I.25 and University Blvd (opens 11.06)

Belleview Station . I.25 and I.225 interchange

Broadway Station

Lousiana . Pearl Street Station . I.25 (opens 11.06)

Mineral Station (Rail only)

more to come…


Summer ‘06 entry:  My start to a collection of light rail stations in Denver, as well as the (almost) completed expansion of I.25 from Broadway to Lone Tree in southeast Denver.

I travel this route daily and have watched it take shape over the past five years. Being an advocate of cycling and pedestrian friendly communities, I’m proud that our city has integrated both car and rail transit. When complete I believe it will make our downtown and the office parks of the southeast more accessible with each other, and initiate more development of livable communities on the southeast side of town, where many people work.

I love the modern, sleek look of the construction, and the smooth curves and flow of exits, ramps, acceleration lanes, and bridges crossing each other. The rail and stations complement the freeway and they flow perfectly with each other.

Maps and more info at http://www.trexproject.com/ (if you’re a map geek like me)


Below – 20th and Welton Station. The “slowest” part of Denver’s light rail, which runs adjacent to streets from Auraria Campus to 30th and Downing.

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